About Us

Ifxa is the umbrella body which brings together family-run organizations around the world which advocate for those affected by Fragile X. Within the IFXA, we have regional organizations such as the European Fragile X Network. Together, we hope to effect change to create societies which enable and empower those who live with Fragile X and associated conditions.

The concept of the IFXA was set out in a paper in 2014 entitled Creation of an International Fragile X Alliance:  Creating a world where no one is alone with the diagnosis of Fragile X. This white paper was then enthusiastically accepted by the 13 countries in attendance at the meeting of the European Fragile X Network in Berlin, Germany, in 2014. IFXA was born.

In 2015, all national Fragile X parent support groups from around the world were invited to join the International Fragile X Alliance. We are now an Alliance of over 25 national organisations.